The Garden Goddess

Medicinal & Magical Herbalist

Name: Garden Goddess

Spiritual Practice: Haitian Vodou, Hoodoo, Plant Medicine

Sun/Moon Sign: Scorpio Sun, Aries Moon

Divination Method: Bone Divination, Obi Divination, Egg Yolk Divination


I am a pupil under the tutelage of HOUNGAN ZO.

I possess the natural gift of clairaudience and clairsentience. I read using the energy of my ancestors, lwa, and Ori by way of bones, egg yolk, and kola nut.

My journey into African spirituality began by discovering Black Spectrum Network. But, even as a curious child, I had an innate affinity for studying plant medicine and healing myself from the inside out. I searched through Encyclopedias and biochemistry textbooks to learn the medicinal and topological functions of plant medicine.

Through diligent study of herbal literature at Black Spectrum Network, I sharpened my skills as an herbalist. I carefully interweave and blend my knowledge of magical herbalism with folk medicine to create powerful potions, sprays, oils, lotions, and tinctures.

I am a seeker of truth, and I will provide you with clarity in your moments of confusion, wisdom in times of fear, and light a pathway in your areas of darkness. I am here to assist you on your path and get you there through the messages of my Spirits and healing remedies.

I look forward to bringing you to the light. 

Professional Certifications


  • Master Herbalist Certificate, Centre of Excellence

Courses Taught


Paid Courses:

  • Coming soon.

Free Courses:

  • Beginner's Candle Magic