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"To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge"




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Ancestral Life Path Reading

You will be provided with: (1) Analysis of the strength your connection to your ancestral energy. Ancestors will reveal their concerns and intentions. Orisa energy may also be revealed if it is present (2) Instructions for an altar design specific to your bloodline. (3) A prayer and meditation regimen that will align you with ancestral portals (4) a recipe for a spiritual bath specifically designed to purify your aura, strengthen your ase (power) and help elevate you to higher levels of consciousness.

Olokun Water Divination

This divination method uses the ancient practice of speaking to the primordial water deity Osun (prosperity, renewal, and healing) & Olokun who is the commander of currency, buried birthright, and the mysteries. Spirit will reveal all you need to know about your current season. This reading will any reveal the issues or dis-ease affecting you, and provide a recipe to address the issue.

21-Day Shadow Work Ritual

This Shadow Work Ritual is an intensive 3-week, coached process that will help you to acknowledge your shadow self and understand the intricacies, experiences, and fears that contribute to its creation. The goal fo this ritual is to ultimately release hurtful aspects of your experience that has been hidden in the shadows. You will also be introduced to the process of edifying your unique and unorthodox personality aspects.
Candle work, rituals, prayers, community chat, and live classes included.


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